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is part of the group of companies all involved in products and services.
Our Luxury yacht cruises have taken the opportunity to bring exceptional comfort and luxury onboard experiences that reflect the local and international influence by delivering an excursion service.

Currently, we have 3 yachts registered and berthed at the Dubai Marina. We offer two yachts for those who like glamorous and a taste of luxury and also one cruiser that bring forth a wonderful experience.
The two luxury yachts include air-conditioned and fully equipped interiors including sunbathing spaces on the top and front area. Our yachts accommodate currently up to 12 passengers and in the very near future up to 24 passengers.

Furthermore, the packages that we provide can either be enjoyed with friends/family or accommodate the level of privacy that a client might need or expect. The rental rates usually depend on the season and scheduled timings.

You can discover different views to explore Dubai’s inspiring phenomenal coastline-consisting of artificial small island groups, which take the shape of trees, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Al Arab. Dubai coastline is certainly impressive to see from the Gulf.

Choosing the time of our cruises to fit your needs can easily give anyone a break from a busy city lifestyle to convert to a truly relaxing and memorable experience. Our timings include a morning breeze and getting a taste of the ocean or just an afternoon relaxing a moment or even ending with a remarkable sunset.

Fully equipped with towels, plates, cutlery, glasses etc.
DRINKS INCLUDED (Soft drinks, Coffee & water)